Friday, 10 April 2009

Heartlands Hope

God of life, here in the heartlands of our city where difference is not strange but everyday and diversity is not a threat but a sign of Your Kingdom we find Your face and sense the breaking in of Your Kingdom.

God of love, here in the heartlands of our city when neighbours share their stories of hope and work as sisters and brothers for justice we are warmed by Your presence and held in the embrace of Your including love.

God of hope, here in the heartlands of our city where the promise of new beginnings and peace-filled communities paint pictures of resurrection and images of a church of the city we are challenged by the transforming power of the Gospel.

God of promise, here in the heartlands of our city where two or three are gathered together in Your name living in and for this community, walking a new path of faith which leads us down back alleys and into housing estates, we find You within us, before us and amongst us, forging a new way of being church.

In friend and stranger we see Your face. Alongside the broken and the excluded we learn about Your Gospel. In places of rejection and despair we encounter Your transforming hope.

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