Friday, 10 April 2009


Urban theology is a contextual theology which emerges from intimate engagement with the multiple processes which shape urban Britain. It is a public theology; ushering faith from the wings of society to the centre of the public realm; a practical political theology beginning with experience and ending with transformative action. It is tempting to pretend that it is possible to re-package the class-based reflection of the Thatcher years. Such myopia freezes urban theology in time. Fluid urban Britain demands a fluid interdisciplinary urban theology which grapples in increasing depth with the following themes:

The multipolar nature of globalisation.
The experience of global forces in local communities (glocalisation).
The increasingly complexity and fluidity of inner city communities.
The multiple nature of oppression.
Persistent raciology, identity and difference as the defining terrain for urban theology.
New configurations of city-space, inequality and conflict.
Emerging patterns of networked and fluid patterns of urban resistance.
The post-religious and postmodern nature of urban society.
The significance of urban popular culture as a vehicle for negotiating meaning and truth.

How do current models of urban theology match up?

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