Friday, 21 May 2010

The New Slavery....

In a world where markets have been prised open
by the irresistible power of globalised capitalism
walls keep people in, but mostly out.

And yet people are shifted like cattle, like the
slaves of the Atlantic Triangle...Webs of violence
enmesh us, compromise us, involve us all...Women made
in the sparkling divine image, promised a new life
then sold into the slavery of 'house-servant' for the
new global elite or the abusive spiral of forced
prostitution...Where is God? Where are Her people?

What might the new politics' in the UK have to say
about the trade in human beings, and more to the point
what might the 'new' politicians' do? What should we do?

This web site, sponsored by the Methodist Church in
the UK offers ome ideas....One race, the human race
Check out the site and get active....

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