Friday, 7 May 2010


The campaign that led to the election of Barak Obama
as the 44th President of the USA just over a year ago
is rooted in a powerful vehicle for social justice -
community organising.

For the last 20 years community organising has
been slowly growing in the UK, especially in
London and Birmingham. Linking faith communities,
schools, trades unions and community groups broad
based community organisations in the UK work on
grassroots political lissues. Last week in the closing
days of the 2010 General Election campaign the
Citizens UK General Election Assembly at Methodist
Central Hall in Westminster drew over 2,500 people:
all part of Citizens UK. At the assembly the leaders
of the three main political parties, Gordon Brown,
Nick Clegg and David Cameron were confronted with
a new way of doing politics....from the bottom-up.

In this Blog we get a sense of where community
Organising is coming from.Might it be that in C21
it offers a new model of liberation theology for a
multifaith society? Check it out and see what you think....

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